Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Give me truths,

For I am weary of the surfaces,

Blight by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, September 3, 2017

A Picture Worth 1000 Words

I love the compassion and tenderness shown in this photo.  Such universal expression could happen on any continent in any age.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

One year ago today.....

...  Nov. 5, 2014 we sent this guy on a mission to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ in Tampico, Mexico for two years. Today for his 1 year mark I am finally getting around to posting the goodbye.  He is loving Mexico and so excited to be there.

No more this:

Or this:

Or this...

A final toast the night before from big bro:

Lots of good bye hugs...

An extremely early trip to the airport (something like 4:30 a.m)....

Waiting to check luggage with a few dedicated siblings who made the early trek....

 Last (sleepy) advise from Mom...

 Some sibling bonding....

Mom and Dad looking a little more cheerful than they feel....

Gotta get a few selfies....

It's finally time to say the last goodbyes.  It's always a tough moment....

He's on his way....

Getting the last little glimpse!

It's hard to believe it's been a year.  I hope the next year flies by just as fast or faster.  Can hardly wait to post the welcome home!  We love you Cameron!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Wedding Day

Aug. 2 1973

For some reason on our wedding day we ended up without a photographer.   I think the friend who was going to take the photos for us never showed.  Randy's aunt took these pictures and gave them to us a few years ago.

We look pretty young and naive with the future spread out before us.  Lots of innocence going on.

Lloya Frey Hall and Randall Leon Hall - Wedding Day - Logan, Utah.

The Jeppsen - Hall clan

Wedding Day Aug 2, 1973

Friday, August 15, 2014

Response to Lorien's blogpost Where We Played, Where We Became.

Response to Lorien's blogpost Where We Played, Where We Became.

 Beautifully put. The magic is not just the space itself but somehow springs from the annals of childhood. In the adult world such adventures are illusory no matter the idealistic setting. From the "mother" point of view the demise of the backyard fields meant less mud, less dust, finally triumphing over the mice in the house and fewer weeds in the yard. Ah the practicality of adulthood! It's a great gift to be able to tap into childhood as an adult and recreate some of those moments. I don't think we ever quite get there but we long to. That is in part the joy of being a parent - having the opportunity to watch your offspring live those magic, creative and spontaneous adventures if you can jettison practicality enough to let it happen.

My "back fence" was Silver Creek just east of Snowflake Arizona where we tramped through mud and reeds to make Huckleberry Finn rafts and pole the river and my grandma's barn, granary, cellar etc. Ah, the romance of a barn swing coming off a large stack of hay bails. Now that I think of it we were often in trouble for climbing on those hay bails. It supposedly ruined the nutrition of the hay because it shook loose the alfalfa leaves loose. That very practical fact often pointed out to us by our older, approaching adulthood cousin didn't seem to deter us from slipping into the barn when no one was around and climbing those hay bails stacked almost to the roof, grabbing hold of that heavy sisal barn rope and wrapping our legs around the rope with our feet on a large knot tied near the bottom swinging out in a wide arc that seemed to make time stand still as you swept up to the other side of the barn with the sunlight flashing through the gaps in the boards, reaching the peak of the arc and then descending again backwards back up to the top of the hay bails with the thrill of slight trepidation that you might not be able to navigate the landing and once again you hold on as you swing back out through barn space at the unplanned mercy of gravity. At some point an unknown disgruntled adult removed the glorious rope. What a waste of the most joyful ride in the universe!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Leaving to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ for two years in Ecuador....

A goodbye photo with the nieces and nephews the day before leaving.

It's guy time to say farewell!

See you in two years Greyson!
Group hug Tues. night after the setting apart

All You Need Is Love......

Ta da, da da, da da ......
Arrive at the airport at 4:15 am Wed. morning

A few loyal siblings made the early trek.  Bethany and Natalie both know the feeling....
Some last good times and happy smiles
The sadness is also there too

Checking luggage
Mom and Dad photo op
Father and son......

Is the passport there?

Heading towards security - feeling a little teary
Waiting 'til the last minute to send him on

The bros do their thing one last time

Say cheese!
Time for goodbyes
A hug to last two years.......

Watching him go through security
We keep watching and waving

One more last view - he's talking to a very tall basketball player from U NM.  (The team was returning to Albuquerque).  We give one more last wave and he's finally out of site.  Time to leave.

The brother left behind walks on ahead to process by himself - he will be going next year.

It will be three years before they see each other again. 

We go home and try to find things to keep busy.  The house feels strange and empty after the months of hurried mission preparation.  We are looking at the clock and saying "He should be in Dallas by now."  or  "He's now on the plane to Mexico City."  (Where the Spanish Missionary Training Center is.)

Finally that night there's an email!!  He has arrived!!!

Hey Family! 

We arrived safe in Mexico! The MTC here is pretty awesome (not to mention the weather!). Everything went well and my stuff made it to Mexico with me. Though some were not so lucky. I'm happy to be here and am ready to serve the Lord. We have the rest of the day to unpack and eat! I miss you guys, though its not as bad as I thought. It was awesome to finally put on the name tag! It´s still very weird and strange. Oh, my companion is an Elder Mears, cool guy!  Mexico city is incredible, different, and large! I love you all, and will write you when I can with more info´(P day and stuff.).The Lord lives!

Monday, September 30, 2013

"Why do ye....notice them not?"

Beggar from the group of Saint Elisabeth. Sculpture by Rudolf Moroder, polychromed by Christian Delago

In the closing chapters of the Book of Mormon,  Moroni is talking to believers in our day and pleading with us to take a look at ourselves and our circumstances.  He poses this very pointed question:

 " Why do ye adorn yourselves with that which hath no life, and yet suffer the hungry, and the needy, and the naked, and the sick and the afflicted to pass by you, and notice them not?"

Each time I read that verse it gives me definite pause.  I wonder how I and each of us will answer that question when we met Moroni before the "pleasing bar of the great Jehovah."  

Ref: Mormon 8:39  and Moroni 10:34